If you think DartPro is helping you improve your game of darts, please consider a donation to help keep development going.

There's allways a big spike in interest in darts after the World Championships, and this year more darters then ever are using DartPro to practice or play online to other people. To help these new users get the best experience I'd like some help from the regulars. But first there are:

Known issues:

  1. Problem connecting to other darters with DartPro - Open port 47141 on your modem/router. DartPro uses this port to serve games, and it is closed by default. Go to PortForward for help opening up this port. Then check Canyouseeme to see if your port is mapped correctly. Make sure you have DartPro with a Remote Game Of 501 running when you check.
  2. Problem when saving games - If you experience problems with DartPro choking on Date/Time and strange Average values, go to Control Panel|Regional And Language Options and change your format to English(United States). DartPro will now recognize your Date/Time settings as valid entries. You can change it back to the format you were using and the fix will stick.
I need some help finetuning the server side of logging in and out. If you start a Remote Game Of 501 in DartPro, you can choose to act as public server. This option will allow other users to connect to you through the Online Players Site. Your username should appear in the list.
There are 2 scenarios in which your name will be scrapped from this list:
  • If someone connects to you, and you have succesfully set up a game, your name should disappear from the list because you're involved in a game.
  • If you close your Remote Game Of 501 or DartPro alltogether.

If you experience something thats not in accordence with this, or your name should appear more then once in the list, please write me with detailed information about your setup: connecting through modem/router, firewall settings, proxy servers used, corporate or home environment, etc.
Thanks for your help.